While organisational development work is necessary, success remains frustratingly elusive. All too often the power and needs of ‘the few’ take priority over the care needed to support ‘the many’ successfully through the individual and collective ‘sense-making’ processes they experience when affected by change.

When change is managed as an emergent process of noticing, listening, reflecting then acting, engagement and commitment quickly follow.

When we create organisations that are fit for purpose, we inevitably do so by putting people first.

Our services

Employee Engagement & Commitment

The psychological contract between an organisation and its employees is one of the foundations upon which commitment and success dependents – it’s about finding the right balance in employee engagement.

Performance Strategies & Transformation

We partner with organisations to co-develop strategic solutions aimed at the organisation as a whole as well as the individuals who make it what it is and what it can be, releasing talent and potential throughout the organisation.

Competency & Values Frameworks

Organisational alignment in values and behaviours creates an environment where people are clear on what is expected from them, creating a solid foundation upon which organisations and people can grow and succeed.

Individual benefits

Performance – as the change begins to take hold, so does the focus on enabling people to perform at their best every day

Discretionary Effort – as engagement and contribution improve, so does the discretionary effort people give

Flourishing – as processes and structures are built to play to people’s strengths, the more people will flourish and grow in the environment

Alignment – as a clear line of sight between my objectives and the strategy emerges, all activity is aligned to delivering for customers

Creativity – as the new environment takes effect, the more creative and confident people become in generating and sharing ideas

Business benefits

Pace – as people internalise the changes needed, so the pace of work and output increases

Breakthrough – as the excitement of the new takes hold, breakthrough performance goals become the norm, delighting all stakeholders

Sustainability – as the focus is on building capacity for change into the DNA of the organisation, so it is able to evolve and adapt more quickly in the future

Retention – as with emergent processes, the more people are listened to and heard, the more connected they become to the organisation

Attraction – as a role-model organisation in change management, attracting the best talent to perpetuate success

One size doesn’t fit everyone

We do not believe that one size fits all. Working with our clients, our programmes are specifically designed to meet a particular set of needs and outcomes, all within a specific context.