F5 – Reflect, Refresh, Results

Discovering solutions to complex problems begins in seeing what we have been seeing all along with renewed and refreshed perspective. When we see situations differently, all sorts of creative insights and ideas begin to surface.

What has changed is not the problem – it is how we see the problem afresh.

In everything we do we believe in challenging ourselves, people and organisations to shake off conditioned, habitual ways of seeing, hearing, thinking and behaving.

How we’re different


Anchored in an unflinching commitment to deep listening, our client-centred approach is about reflecting back a deep understanding arising from the breadth of our engagements


With depth and breadth of insight emerges a new and refreshed sense of perspective, enabling people to see differently and more deeply what they have seen so often before


Refreshed insight and a reflective perspective are firm foundations upon which to develop innovative and integrated solutions that yield sustainable results

Inside-Out, Outside-In

Our approach is based on a two-fold strategy of facilitating organisational capability and change from the inside-out and from the outside in – like two sides to the same coin.


Inside-Out – about facilitating change internally from within so individuals, teams or the whole organisation build capabilities to influence and deliver sustainable high performance.



Outside-In – about supporting change externally looking at the organisation from the perspective of customer, stakeholder or operating context.

When we facilitate change from the inside-out and the outside-in change not only becomes increasingly more congruent it also becomes sustainable.

One size doesn’t fit everyone

We do not believe that one size fits all. Working with our clients, our programmes are specifically designed to meet a particular set of needs and outcomes, all within a specific context.