The Stretch Zone – unlocking talent and potential


Whether it is a new opportunity, taking the initiative, assuming responsibility, the weight of leadership, pressure of expectation or fear of failure – while different for different people – EVERYONE has a stretch zone, and the capacity to be at our best under pressure sets us up for success.


The Stretch Zone developed out of 10 years’ coaching and training within a talent and leadership context. Author Glenn Widelko was initially intrigued as to how often people asked for help with confidence, especially as this was as much with people who would be described as hugely confident as it was with people who clearly lacked confidence.


‘Everyone has a stretch zone and confidence is an issue for everyone who has the courage to step outside their comfort zone.’


While these high-performers were dripping with talent and potential, under pressure they were holding themselves back unnecessarily and, when asked, the burning issue was confidence.  The well-trodden paradigm of ‘build, boost and act more confident’ was not working – it is neither sustainable nor convincing.


Glenn started to ask some questions: What is confidence? How does it work? Where does it come from? How can I be so confident in some situations and lack confidence in others? What makes it appear and disappear? Where does it appear from and where does it disappear to? How can I be confident anywhere, anytime?


Arising out of these questions are the insights, principles and practices upon which The Stretch Zone is based, turning our understanding of confidence completely on its head. When people no longer hold themselves back under pressure they begin to discover renewed depths to their talents and potential, acquiring a taste for being at their best, especially in those pressure moments that really matter most.

Stretch Zone Services

Every solution is tailored ensuring best-fit with the strengths, challenges and opportunities within your organisational culture, providing options to create a creative, learner-centred solution.


Our Workshop provides a unique and in-depth insight into what confidence really is (and isn’t) – enabling real and sustainable confidence when it really matters.


An easy-to-use online resource introducing a whole new way of thinking – turning outdated assumptions about confidence completely on their head.


Online self-assessment that enables insight into how you tend to react under pressure in the stretch zone – and how to respond differently.


An opportunity to take part in an international research project investigating confidence and potential in the stretch zone.


A highly client-centred and confidential experience that enables people to unlock their potential when it really matters.

Talks & Seminars

An engaging and thought-provoking talk or seminar that will speak to the audience’s experience, demystifying confidence under pressure with profound simplicity and behaviour pragmatism.

Individual benefits

Presence – sense of certainty within oneself and one’s capabilities

Attitude – positive outlook on oneself and life’s challenges

Resilience – calm composure to deal with things as they arise

Mindset – capacity to focus when and where it really matters

Stepping Up – capacity to create and seize opportunities 

Self-Esteem – sense of self-worth that no longer questions one’s value and impact

Relationships – enjoy mutual relationships based on trust and credibility 

Business benefits

– people trust themselves – they step up and deliver results

Initiative – people take the initiative and drive opportunities forward

Commitment – people no longer avoid – they engage and see things through

Energy – people motivate and energise themselves and others

Communication – people say what they mean and mean what they say

Teamwork – people feel empowered to make a difference

Culture – people share an infectious ‘can-do’ energy of possibilities

Target groups

Executive and Senior Leaders

The Stretch Zone is first and foremost applicable to the senior echelons of the organisation where the stakes are high and the pressure relentless

Middle and Junior Managers

Middle and Junior managers need to influence up, down and across the organisation, demanding a capacity to deliver under diverse pressures

Talent, Graduates and Specialist

The Stretch Zone is particularly applicable to those being fast-tracked as talent, providing a pipeline of leadership and specialists for the future

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