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Many years ago, Vernon Howard wrote a story about a community of eagles that lived on a beautiful mountain range. It’s message is as powerful today as it was many, many years ago – simply stated elevate your thoughts.

“The eagles were happy and found an abundance of food in surrounding woods and streams. Their days were spent in lofty soaring in the beautiful blue sky, high above the world. But down on the dry prairie, there dwelt a band of devious crows. The crows had access to a low grade of corn in glittering packages. They looked for unsuspecting travellers who they could get to eat the corn.

Now the eagles were smart enough, but careless at times. Though they were cautious at first, the corn looked pretty good. Besides, it saved the effort of hunting. So the eagles soared less and less and began dropping down to the crows’ cornfields more and more. Of course, the less they flew, the less they felt like flying. Growing weak in their wings, they began to believe that they were meant to be down on the ground with the crows.

But there was one eagle who sensed that something was not right. Besides, the corn didn’t really taste as good as the crows said it would. When he tried to persuade his eagle friends to return to the mountains, the crows ridiculed him. Believing the crows, the eagles shunned their former friend.

Growing tired of it all, the lone eagle studied himself carefully. He tried his wings, and something deep inside told him he belonged in a higher place. So off he flew, back to the mountains. Then from dawn to dusk, he soared over his beautiful world, free to be what he was always meant to be – an eagle.” (The Power of Your Super-mind – Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1975, pp. 1-2.)

In our personal life, in our families, in our communities and in our business and government organisations, we can all be effected by blinding influences. If we are not careful, we can be deceived by false beliefs and teachings spread by millions of “devious crows”. They are able to convince many to take the “easy street”.

But all of us are really eagles. We are all meant to soar! Despite the many “crows” around us, we can all become a powerful influence and inspiration for good.

My invitation to everyone today through this timeless fable, is to elevate your thoughts, don’t get stuck in the mud, you are meant to soar above this world! Now – off you go…. Take Flight!

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