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The Stretch Zone Workshop – Confidence

This is a one day workshop on confidence, based on the work of Glenn Widelko in his book “The Stretch Zone”, available through all good bookshops and on Amazon.  The session will be facilitated by Glenn, a Partner in ConsultF5, a values-based learning, leadership and talent development consultancy creating exceptional solutions that deliver sustainable change.  For further information see or or call on 0131 564 0150131 564 0154.  The session will be held in Stirling.

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In the workshop Glenn will specifically address the following:

What is confidence? How does it work? Where does it come from? How can I be so confident in some situations and lack confidence in others? What makes it appear and disappear? Where does it appear from and where does it disappear to? How can I be confident anywhere, anytime? And lots, lots more.

This is an in-depth masterclass bringing the insights, principles and practices to life through facilitated dialogue and experiential exercises.


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